Thursday, August 27, 2015


August 27, 2015
BOSTON, MASS – XLP capital announced today the acquisition of the Lambda Prime Investment Fund – a Boston-based startup incubator with investments in cyber security, metadata aggregation software, biotechnology, and various other startups. This acquisition marks the first move towards strategic plan to create an integrated technology and intellectual property development investment fund. Founded in 2015, XLP Capital aims to revolutionize consulting and investment industries with its hands on, client-focused and product-centric approach. The acquisition of Lambda Prime will merge the existing engineering team, hardware and software platforms, and incubating startups with XLP Capital’s team of finance, technology and intellectual property experts while allowing Lambda Prime to keep its entity structure, offices, and employees intact. This will provide existing and future startup investments with an open opportunity to develop and patent their intellectual assets in a more time efficient manner. The acquisition will also ensure seamless integration of the Lambda Prime data centers with the XLP Capital resources for more optimal, fast paced, and in depth research and analysis capabilities. 
About Lambda Prime Investment Fund
Lambda Prime is a privately held technology development fund dedicated to the under-served technology investment gap created by the over-growth of traditional venture funds and the commoditization of web and IT investing. The firm’s philosophy centers on applying novel and cutting edge mathematical approaches and algorithms across industries, for our portfolio companies and corporate clients alike.
Lambda Prime invests resources and capital, but more importantly provides access to a platform of computational and proprietary data sets only available to in-house portfolio companies. In an age of virtualization and cloud computing, we believe that successful technological differentiation comes from access to unparalleled performance compute resources not readily available to the average startup.
About XLP Capital
XLP Capital is a technology development, venture investment, and strategy advisory firm. Headquartered in Boston, MA with offices in New York, NY, and the Berkshires, XLP takes an engineering-based, hands-on approach to strategic technology investment and advisory work. It applies sophisticated management science to a hands-on, deal-driven approach to technology investment. Whether via the application of high-throughput computational science techniques, rapid prototyping or advanced technology landscaping and analytics, XLP focuses on creating value and wealth through its technology investments. These investments take multiple forms, including venture investing, shareholder activism and corporate innovation programs. For more information, please visit or contact us at